Hey Indo ! – What is a Business Visa ? A business visa is a visit visa intended for foreign nationals who wish to stay longer in Indonesia. Of course the goal is to study the market in Indonesia and meet with business people in Indonesia.

A business visa is not a work permit, and therefore does not allow its holder to engage in activities that generate wages or other compensation. It also means that foreign nationals cannot use a business visa to find work and accept job offers. But compared to a work permit, getting an Indonesian business visa is easier and faster.

The main benefit of getting a business visa is the fact that you have the option to apply for a multiple entry visa. You no longer need to bother applying for a new visa and simply extend your current visa. In addition, since investors are likely to travel in Indonesia several times a year, this option saves time and money. This is because the visa holder can stay in Indonesia for 60 days per visit.


1. Looking for sponsors who have been registered and accredited at the Immigration office
2. The guarantor or sponsor then sends the foreigner’s application and invitation to the Directorate General of Immigration
3. Guarantor or sponsor waiting for visa approval. This takes at least 3 to 5 working days, even up to 14 working days. So it’s a good idea to prepare a business visa in advance.
4. If the business visa is approved, the sponsor will receive an eVISA email and report it to local immigration.