Hey Indo ! – Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bali was a favourite destination for Australian travellers and tourists who came to Indonesia enjoyed the luxury of a free visa on arrival (VOA), valid for 30 days. COVID 19 and the chaos that ensued saw most of the world, including Bali, close their borders and remove all tourist travel options.

So, is it possible to travel to Bali during the pandemic? This is a question that we have been asked thousands of times in the last 12 months, and with recent border reopening announcements, the short answer is:


However, during the pandemic, protocols must be followed and the only visa that is currently available for entry into Indonesia is a Business Visa.

The official title of the visa is – B211A Single entry e-VISA for Humanitarian activities, Volunteering, Family reunion, Business or Investment visit.

Indonesia B211 e-VISA

This e-VISA initially allows you to stay up to 60 days, with the option of it being extended 4 times with 30 days for each of the extensions. This B211a visa allows a total of 180 days stay in Bali. There are options beyond the 6 months visa if you would like to stay longer, but as this is an ever changing environment, available options are best considered 1 month before the final extension expires to ensure current visa information is being offered.

If you are over the rigours of ‘life in lockdown’ in Australia and seeking surf, sand and a balmy tropical climate for a short stay or to basketball a little longer in Island Life for up to 6 months, then the B211a visa is the one for you!

We make the process simple for you to gain a business entry visa, including providing the necessary ‘business sponsor’ to support your B211a application. The whole application process takes approximately 10 days, and an express visa processing service can also be arranged if you find yourself in a time crunch.

In order to apply for Single Entry Business e-VISA B211A the following documents are required :

  • Passport must be valid for at least 12 months at the date of entry to Indonesia
  • A clear and legible scan of the main page of the passport (photo page)
  • Scan of the passport front cover
  • Recent Bank Statement (showing your ability to sustain your living costs furing your stay in Indonesia  ($10,000 in your account)
  • Address in your country of origin
  • Address for your stay in Indonesia (hotel, villa or friend’s address)
  • Personal contact details (phone number including International dialling code (WhatsApp number is accepted) and your email)
  • Emergency contact details (family members and Indonesian emergency contact (if you have one).

After we have successfully obtained your visa for entry into Bali/Indonesia, you will need to apply to Australian Border force (done online) for an exemption to leave Australia.  – typically when you apply for an exemption to leave, if you state that you will be out of the country for 12 weeks or more (you are not locked into this) you will receive the exemption to leave Australia within 24 – 48 hours. During the exemption application it will ask you for your intended flight date, this is not binding and once you have received your exemption you can then decide on your final flight date. When you arrive at the airport to leave Australia on your desired flight your exemption number will be checked during checkin and you will be on your way.

e-VISA Process

  • Regular Process up to 10 – 14 Business Days
  • After the e-VISA is issued we will be sending it to your contact NB : If your e-Visa issued you have 90 days to enter Indonesia

In order to travel to Indonesia :

  • Travel Insurance or Health Insurance OR a printed personal statement saying that you are willing to cover your own hospital costs should you be infected with
  • Before departure you will need to have have a PCR for Covid 19 test with a negative results Within 72 hours of arrival in Indonesia (Main Point is the test result still valid when you arrive in Indonesia)
  • PCR Test must be in English
  • Show Your Indonesian e-VISA to the Immigration officer upon arrival
  • The e-Visa will be activated from the day you arrive in Your 60 days include the date of your arrival.