Hey Indo ! – Spokesman for the COVID-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, explained that the Indonesian government plans to add 3 quarantine locations in Jakarta.

“Currently we plan to add three centralized quarantine facilities in Jakarta,” he said in a press statement on the handling of COVID-19 in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/12).

The three places that will be converted into centralized quarantine are the Gilingan Flats in East Jakarta, Daan Mogot Flats in West Jakarta, and the Education Quality Security Institute (LPMP) Building in South Jakarta, he said.

The addition of quarantine sites is in response to the government’s decision to extend the quarantine period to 14 from 10 days earlier due to the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in 92 countries, Adisasmito said.

In addition, the step has been taken to respond to the increasing number of international travelers arriving in Indonesia by sea and air in the past couple of months, he informed.

The number of international travelers stood at one to two thousand in October 2021, he noted. The figure is expected to have doubled to four thousand in December 2021, he said.

The Entikong cross-border post on December 10, 2021 witnessed a surge in the number of international travelers to almost 300, he added. Meanwhile, the Batam Center Port saw the number of travelers increase to 400 in mid-December 2021 compared to 100–200, the spokesperson said.

In view of the significant increase in the number of international travelers, he asked Indonesians planning to make overseas trips to set aside additional funds to finance quarantine.


Source : Antara News