Hey Indo ! – After briefly not including Indonesia’s name in the list of countries without quarantine who traveled to Thailand, this time, the Thai government made a new regulation by including Indonesia as one of the quarantine-free countries.

Quoted from Kompas.com, Indonesia has been included in the list of 63 countries whose citizens are allowed to enter and travel to Thailand. The list was issued by the Thai government on Saturday (30/10/2021).

Not only that, starting November 1, 2021 through the Test and Go scheme, foreign tourists who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 from certain countries will be exempt from quarantine obligations in Thailand.

The following are the terms of travel to Thailand for national tourists, based on a summary of Kompas.com, Monday (1/11/2021), from tatnews.org and tp.consular.go.th:

  1. Passport
  2. Vaccine certificate (complete) with approved vaccine type at least 14 days before travel. According to the tatnews.org page, the types of vaccines received are CoronaVac (Sinovac Biotech), AstraZeneca or Covishield, Pfizer-BioNTech or Corminaty, Janssen or Janssen/Ad26.COV2.S (Johnson & Johnson), Moderna, Sinopharm or COVILO, and Sputnik V
  3. Travelers who contracted Covid-19 in the previous three months must receive the first dose of vaccination at least 14 days prior to travel
  4. Travelers under the age of 12 who are accompanied by their parents are exempt from the vaccination requirement
  5. Medical certificate with a negative RT-PCR test result within a maximum period of 72 hours before departure
  6. Payment confirmation for an overnight stay at an SHA+ (Safety and Health Administration+) or AQ (Alternative Quarantine) hotel
  7. Payment confirmation for RT-PCR test in Thailand
  8. An insurance policy with an insured value of not less than 50,000 United States (US) dollars or around Rp. 700 million

Information on Certificate of Entry (COE):

As the name implies, a Certificate of Entry (COE) is a document for foreign travelers to enter Thailand. However, according to the website coethailand.mfa.go.th, the COE registration site will be closed from November 1, 2021 because the government is preparing an electronic entry document for new air travel, namely the Thailand Pass QR Code.

Prospective tourists whose COE applications have been pre-approved can continue their application process to obtain COE until 7 November 2021.

Meanwhile, the COE remains valid for tourists who have obtained a COE and will arrive in Thailand from November 1, 2021. They can update their COE format by downloading the updated COE document on the registration site or from the link sent to their e-mail.

Thailand Pass QR Code and options without quarantine

Prospective tourists boarding a flight to Thailand can access the Thailand Pass QR Code via the https://tp.consular.go.th link.

They must register on the website at least a week before departure. On the site there is also a list of countries whose citizens can choose the Test and Go scheme (without quarantine), one of which is Indonesia.